A word of advice

My biggest epiphany in high school was realizing who I wanted to become by evaluating who I was, and knowing what paths I did not want to travel. For me, high school was the start of making life-changing decisions. This was when my most significant growth occurred. Listen, during this time is when you are allowed to make mistakes while learning about yourself. Take advantage of the journey and don’t forget to be reflective. Being reflective is one of the most important things you’ll need to do, not just in highschool but in life. We as young adults are always learning, growing and sometimes we need to be our biggest critic but as well as realizing that self reflection is a way to see improvement and set goals for oneself.

High school wasn’t perfect

School-work, friendships, depression, athletics, drama, college process are what my days consisted of. What I’ve learned through these experiences is that it’s okay to make mistakes, to be confused sometimes, and though it may sound like a cliche, it’s the truth. We tend to feel defeated when things do not go our way— when we fail— but we don’t ever realize that everything that happens to us now is happening in order to prepare us for the future, and is also nurturing us to be the best version of ourselves.

Life Lessons

As a student-athlete, I was able to create life-long friendships, work alongside different types of people. I learned how to manage my time, from Amateur Athletic Union ( AAU ) in the summer, to workouts and practices after school. To sore nights, feeling defeated mentally and physically; to the days where I cried because of being stressed out. These tough trials allowed me to realize that with patience, and dedications and grit anything is possible. Through my high school experiences both at Careers In Sports High school and Monsignor Scanlan High school, I became a young woman. Through this test of time, I became the Aminata Sangare you see today.